Mostar is known as the city with 360 sunny days a year, and is ideal for a holiday at any time of year. Its cultural and historical heritage and beautiful nature will satisfy all your senses and provide you with an unforgettable experience.



Mostar, one of the largest cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina is located on the banks of the Neretva river. It is unique not only for its historical and cultural heritage, but also because of its location and the nature that surrounds it. Since 2005, he has written to the list of UNESCO monument, with its far-known and unique Old Bridge and entire Old Town. For lovers of history, this city offers a variety of stories, museums and other sights of ancient times, the Ottoman monarchy, the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, and until recent history.


In addition to numerous museums, mosques, churches, houses of the Ottoman period, so-called Turkish house, near is also a unique Tekke in Blagaj, with one of the largest sources of water in Europe, and in the south of unforgetable Pocitelj, whose appearance and history leaves breathless. Also lovers of natural attractions in Mostar will find their share of pleasure, primarily along the coast airy clean river Neretva. The vicinity of Mostar also includes the other natural beauties such as Hutovo Mud, mountains Velez and Prenj, and many other protected natural beauty of Herzegovina.

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